Curb Appeal

  • Have a plan
  • Choose the right plants, only high quality
  • Plan for growth and placing the right plant in the proper location
  • Grade and drainage
  • Soils and fertilizer
  • Water
  • Fertilizing, mowing, weed control, and pruning
  • Moose protection

Care and Watering of your Hydro-Mulched Lawn

Your Hydro-mulching application contains grass seed that requires a continuous supply of moisture. This moisture must come from rainfall or watering. It is not likely that it will rain every day for the next week or two, so be sure to water frequently enough to keep the moisture in the soil.

During the establishment phase, once a day watering is usually appropriate, however, the weather conditions may require more or less water. On very hot summer days, three or more watering's a day may be required. Avoid puddling and washing, but water thoroughly.

The second phase of the watering program begins when the grass is about 1" tall. Reduce the frequency of watering to once or twice a week. In the very hot summer, three times a week might be required. Also reduce or discontinue watering during wet and/or cool periods.

Don't forget to water your lawn and shrubs in spring after the thaw!  

A new lawn should be mowed as soon as the grass blades are 2" to 3" high. Delaying the first cutting may allow long grass blades to bend over, causing a shabby appearance. Subsequent mowing should be done often and lawn mower blades should always be kept sharp to prevent bruised and torn grasses which develop unsightly brown spots. Should the grass get too tall before it is mowed, raise the mower. A good rule of thumb is to never mow off more than one-third of the grass during any one cutting.
The lawn area will need a strong application of balanced fertilizer after the first 30 days. DO NOT FERTILIZE NEW LAWN AFTER AUGUST 15TH, FERTILIZE IN SPRING WITH A BALANCED FERTILIZER AROUND MAY 15TH AND AGAIN AROUND JULY 15TH. Apply fertilizer on the lawn area when it is dry and then water thoroughly. Use a standard balanced fertilizer available at almost any lawn supply such as:
  • SPRING 16-16-16
  • SUMMER 22-11-11
  • FALL 10-20-20 or 8-32-16 or 16-16-16

We also suggest using a controlled release fertilizer with slow release nitrogen that can feed your lawn all summer.  Apply at recommended rates, usually about 40 lbs for a 5000 square foot average sized lawn.